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Who We Are

SEND Rights

SEND Rights has children at its core.
The SEND Rights founder, Justine has over 30 years experience working with families and children. She is early years trained (NNEB (Distinction), RSH for Nursery Nurses) at the famous Princess Christian Nanny college. She has worked in infant schools, day nurseries, nursery schools but mainly as a nanny in both private households and providing LA respite for children with additional needs and multiple births. Whilst working full time, Justine studied with the Open University and gained an NVQ4 in Early Years Practice (2005), followed by a BA (Open) (2006) and a BSc (Hons) Psychology (2007). She followed this with the post graduate Early Years Practitioner course and also worked in the Surrey University Baby Lab.

In 2008 the first of her two children was born, followed by her second in 2010. The children between them have Down's Syndrome; Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD); ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); Type 1 Diabetes; Hearing and Visual Impairment; Speech and Language Delays. One child has an EHCP. He started at Compulsory School Age when he was 5 because he was a summer born child.
Justine has been a member of the Flexible Admissions for Summer Born Children Admin team for over a decade and runs a specialist SEN group for parents wanting a CSA start for their summer born child.
In 2015, after Girl Guides tried to discriminate against her daughter, Justine set up a 'Rights at School' group and has since then helped many parents with issues with schools, LAs, CSA starts for summer borns and disability discrimination. Over the years she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and has attended courses run by IPSEA, Cerebra, Contact and Steve Broach. Over the winter of 2020/21, Justine consolidated her years of knowledge and experience by passing the IPSEA Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Training Courses (Level's 1, 2 & 3).
Justine has experience of children in mainstream and specialist provisions, including experience of flexi-schooling (part time school and part time home). Her youngest is now home educated, (so be prepared to hear him in the background!) Justine has been through and won at SEND Tribunal; written many complaints, won at LGSCO and with the Official School Adjudicator etc. Above all Justine has real life experience of everything SEND parents have to go through, and understands exactly how exhausting and difficult processes can be and uses all this wealth of lived and learnt experience to help parents. 

We hope through SEND Rights to reach out and help more parents and carers get what they need for their children and young people.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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