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Read what parents and carers have to say about how we helped them:

I am writing to highly recommend Justine for her outstanding support and guidance during my daughter's early annual review process. Her expertise and dedication have been invaluable in navigating the complexities of my daughter's Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and ensuring she receives the best possible support. 
Justine's comprehensive review of my daughter's EHCP was exceptionally thorough. She provided detailed and insightful recommendations on how to improve the wording and content, ensuring that the plan was clear, precise, and truly reflective of my daughter's needs. Her suggestions enhanced the outcome of her EHCP, making it a more effective tool for my daughter's education and development. 
In addition to her assistance with the EHCP, Justine offered invaluable advice on personal budgets and appropriate schools within our area. Her knowledge of local resources and her ability to provide tailored recommendations were instrumental in helping us make informed decisions about my daughter's education and support.
What truly sets Justine apart is her responsiveness and commitment. She was always swift with her replies, addressing concerns and questions with a level of attentiveness and care that greatly alleviated the stress of the review process. Her prompt and effective communication made a significant difference, allowing us to move forward with confidence and clarity.
Justine's supportive approach, combined with her professional expertise, has had a profound impact on my daughter's educational journey. I am deeply grateful for her assistance and wholeheartedly recommend her for any role that involves advising and supporting families through similar processes.


Thank you so much. Without the support and information from Justine, we wouldn't have been able to successfully secure a CSA start for our August born daughter. She is honestly an amazing person, who doesn't just offer knowledge but also helped me believe I was confident enough to pursue turning a very stubborn 'no' into a 'yes'!
Her professional letters to the school showed how they had failed to take our daughter's best interests into account. This meant that they could only agree with her extensive knowledge of the guidance and offer a CSA start in Reception. We cannot thank you enough and I know our daughter's start to school will be much better for having had an extra year of childhood. 

Vickie and Mark

Wow! Thank you so much for all your support. Today I got the news from the LA that my daughter has secured a school place for mainstream this September start. The whole process has been so stressful but you were always there, and I could not have done without your advice and guidance throughout this whole process.
Anyone who is struggling, please get in contact with Justine. She is always there at the end of the phone, and it's not about the money - she genuinely just wants to help people.


Justine has helped me three times. She first supported me to secure a CSA start for my eldest son. When he got his EHCP and the LA revoked his CSA start, she helped again. I'm currently going to SEND Tribunal for my youngest and she has advised me again around this. I have always paid for Justine's time as I feel the advice and support she has given has been invaluable, but on top of the paid time, I have had from her, she has answered quite a few frantic texts with either brief advice or reassuring me to stand my ground. 


Justine provided invaluable support, advice and guidance to us throughout our Tribunal Appeal process in order to secure the correct placement for our child. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on and parents/carers will benefit from this, as did we. Our case was successful and our child now has a far more robust EHCP with the correct provision and placement. We are very grateful.


We are so grateful to Justine for her support and expertise. Her knowledge is vast and the letter she wrote plus her guidance helped us to secure a place in Reception at compulsory school age for our summer born child. She was there to answer questions and help to negotiate a stressful situation. SEND rights helped us to advocate for our child and receive the outcome that was in our daughter's best interests. We can't thank Justine enough.


Justine was there when I started my EHCP journey and didn’t know where to start. We had just received a draft that I had no idea about. Didn’t know what needed to be where or what words that were there didn’t actually mean what I thought. 
She helped me to work out what needed to be changed and where it needed to be written and helped see through some of the bamboozlement’s that LEA’s are famed for. She gave me confidence to bounce them back and ask for changes to ensure the targets were realistic and the provision SMART as it should be.


Our son is a summer born child and has been educated out of his chronological cohort since starting in Infants School. However, his Junior School wanted to move him one year up to match his year group with his age, which really meant he would be losing one year of education.
Justine provided help and support and guided me through the whole process and the school is now on board with my son staying in his ‘adopted’ cohort. Thank you, Justine, words cannot express my gratitude, I could sleep a bit better knowing I have you on my side.


Justine was my saviour when my sons nursery were attempting to discriminate against him. Her depth and breadth of knowledge were invaluable and she was not only a listening ear and great source of advice but the letter she wrote meant a huge u-turn in their actions and helped my son get the provision he deserves. I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend to any family needing SEND support.


Justine helped me with my son's EHCP review. Her methods were simple to follow and really opened my eyes as to how bad my son's EHCP was. After cutting the EHCP up, and putting them into relevant headings, it was easy to see how poor it was. There were sections missing and very few outcomes. Without Justine's knowledge and help, my son would have suffered massively in school. Thank you for all your help, Justine.


We are so grateful to Justine for her support and expertise. Her knowledge is vast and the ltter she wrote plus her guidance helped us to secure a place in Reception at Compulsory School Age for our summer born child. She was there to answer questions and help to negotiate a stressful situation. SEND Rights helped us to advocate for our child and received the outcome that was in our daughter's best interests. We can't thank Justine enough. 


I would like to say huge thanks to Justine who helped me in what I believed was a hopeless situation. She got involved, educated my IASS officer who had no knowledge about summer borns. When that wasn't enough, she wrote an e-mail to the SEN department that was a game changer and saved my son from being forced to skip up a year. I was told this was impossible to do in my LA, which is so against summer born guidance. I was told by my son's caseworker that no child was allowed to stay in adopted cohort before us and that I won't win this. I am so grateful I can't even express. I wouldn't have achieved it on my own. I feel blessed I've met such an amazing person. So much needed. Thank you so much.


This is a massive shout out to Justine and SEND Rights. It was a complicated story about my two youngest children being summer born and my eldest having additional needs and trying to maintain year group (as he repeated a year over covid). The school was taken over by an academy with blanket policies in the 6 weeks we left and needed to return due to a failed transition to another school. They wanted my children to go back into their "correct" year groups. Justine helped to write letters, what she knew and captured in the correspondence about my children blew me away, I have tried to explain it to so many professionals and no one understood like Justine did. She supported me all the way through the complaints procedure and joined me online in our meeting with the academy. It has been a long process; I could not have done without her. I cannot thank you enough and we got the results on all three children!!! Even though my son is not summer born, he has now maintained his adopted year group!!!!!


Justine has been such a pillar of support these last few years while 2 of our children went through the process of diagnosis of ASD, Severe Dyslexia and ADHD. She has pointed me in the right direction to start the process of applying for an EHCP and has fantastic knowledge of the process.


Thank you so much Justine, for the complaint letters you wrote to the council and local school. They have both had to reconsider their original decision and have now both ruled in favour of a CSA start in Reception. This is going to make such a massive difference to A and really give him a fair chance to access education.


We cannot recommend Justine enough. We had issues with SEN admissions at first denying the right to delay our summer born son until CSA; and then trying to push us to send him to special school against our will couple of months later going against SEN code of practice. Luckily Justine allowed us to understand all of our rights as parents and tremendously helped to write all of the responses accordingly. Thank you so much Justine, good to know, that some people still genuinely care about others


Justine’s experience and expertise have been invaluable to me during the very difficult time trying to secure a Delayed Reception Start for my Summer Born ASD child with an EHCP. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her support, advice and help with putting together formal letters and complaints to schools and authorities. I cannot recommend Justine enough as she is knowledgeable as well as caring and understanding, which is exactly what parents of SEN children need.


When our school told us they couldn’t provide for our sons needs we were crushed. We turned to the local support group for advice and Justine, went above and beyond to help us. Ultimately and consequently this improved our sons education and therefore his life. We can’t say thank you enough.


Coming to an end of the Summer Term, I decided I wanted my son with EHCP to repeat Reception Year. After being told school ‘No’ by the school Headteacher, I approached Justine and her experience and expertise have been invaluable in trying to secure a Repeat Reception Start for my Summer Born with an EHCP. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her direction, advice and help which is on par what you would expect from a legal professional. With this support we were able to push through Annual Review meeting and convince the Headteacher and the SEN team that restarting again in Reception start would be the best option for my son. We have an agreement in place now from the School and the SEN team for my Son to repeat reception (similar to CSA start) and give him a fighting chance to achieve his long term goals in an mainstream setting. Thank you Justine you are an asset to the SEN Community.


After being told by our daughters school that she wouldn’t get an EHCP because she wasn’t academically behind and then being turned down by the LEA for this reason with the suggestion of using hospital school if she was so sick. Justine helped me understand that just because she wasn’t behind now doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be behind IF they didn’t put in the support needed. With this support we were able to push through mediation where we were successful in getting an assessment. With the knowledge I have been given our daughter now has an EHCP and is fully supported in school. Is safe and importantly for her achieving what she should be and looking forward to college.


Justine has been there to support myself and some many others in a group regarding admissions of children into school. She has shared her experience of such situation which has been really helpful I’ve the last 10 months.


Justine is amazing. What she’s done for my family is amazing. We need more people like her. My son's school refused my deregister and she’s helped me see where they went wrong. Thanks so much.


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