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How can SEND Rights help us?

SEND Rights offers quality advice and information for parents. Our aim is to arm you with the knowledge and any law so that you can tackle any issues with Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP's); school or LA related issues; Disability Discrimination; Summer Born children and more. We do full EHCP draft checks or document checks ahead of an Annual Review. We can assist with DLA forms and filling in SEND appeal forms. 
We will help write complaint letters and can help in other more personalised ways too. We can help if you simply need a chat, or need to understand a process, or would like help to decide what to do. 

We aim to give you the information so that you can move forwards.
Many of our families have been clients for many years and we have helped them through a variety of challenges across time. 
We are here by your side at every step to help you and your child. 

How much will your service cost?

Our aim is to try and offer low cost appointments for the SEND community in England. 
The cost depends on what you need from us. 

We do phone calls at various times to suit parents including evenings, weekends and even bank holidays. We can talk via messenger or e-mail too. 

If you require a letter or e-mail to be written either for you to send, or on your behalf under SEND Rights. A letter usually takes one and a half to three hours to write depending on complexity.

An EHCP draft check usually takes around four hours again depending on complexity. This usually comprises of two hours checking the draft, looking through any reports, and then doing a two hour feedback session with parents on the phone. By the end you will fully understand how an EHCP works, understand the issues and you will know what you need to do to try to fix things. It will give you the information so that next Annual Review you will feel confident about what you are looking for, and what you need to do. We get very good feedback from the phone calls. We can offer a written report but this usually takes around an hour longer.

We work at a suggested rate of £30 per hour with £15 for each additional 30 minutes. 

Whilst we have tried to offer our expert advice at low cost, we do not want money be a barrier to getting help and advice. Therefore, we will help for a donation of whatever you can afford, as and when you can afford it. We never chase for payments. 
Many people have helped us in our lives, and we want to give back to others. Please contact us and we will try to help. As you will read in our testimonials, we do genuinely care.

We are there to support you through the maze of SEND law, EHCP's, DLA and summer born CSA starts.
We stay by your side, and will be there to talk to, and help in future.

Can we choose how we talk to you?

We have access to a variety of ways to communicate.
We prefer to work via messenger to talk and ask questions. We ask clients to e-mail all relevant documents so that we can read them and be fully informed.
We then use Google Docs to collaboratively write letters or e-mails together. To date this has worked really well for our clients. 
We are also available by phone at a mutually convenient time. We are able to speak on evenings or weekends.

Where are you based? Can you do face to face meetings?

We help families all over the UK via online messenger. e-mail and telephone. Most of our work is directly with parents however we have attended LA or school / nursery meetings with parents via TEAMS, Zoom or Phone once we know the case well. 

Can you help with a tribunal case?

We can help with the whole process of starting off a SEND or Disability Discrimination appeal by helping with mediation, by writing a SEND application form, a position statement and assisting with general and even specific tribunal advice. We do not attend tribunal hearings as we believe that parents know their child best and can advocate for them better than anyone. Our aim is to empower parents to go to tribunal by being well informed and demystifying the process. We will hold your hand every step of the way, and help you feel confident that you can win!

If you can’t find your question above, get in touch with us - we’re happy to help.

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